Turning Points

18 March 1996

What do you do when normal isn’t normal anymore?

When everything you’ve ever known and held up to the light of day and defended to the very depths of your being as truth and love and good gets twisted up somehow and what was love hates and what was truth lies and what was good hurts?

Where do you look for a glimmer, any sign, of what used to be and how do you know where you are when you no longer know where you were?

Can you justify love when every day so many of us are wounded to the core of our beings in love’s name?

Was Nietzsche right when he wrote that we are the despised Last Man, the slave morality that hates all that is good and worships all that is hurtful?

Can I believe that the world will continue, that I will recover, that one day love will not hurt anymore and all this will be in the past?

Can I put stock in the past, believing things at least that have happened are true and good, when all that is true lies and all that is good hurts?

Does it matter?

Do I need trust and love and goodness to continue on?

So many questions… will I ever know the answers?


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