The End, Part II

The obligatory pre-blocking pictures:

.. and several shots while blocking:

I blocked it on a queen-sized futon which was not quite big enough, so it’s a bit crooked and one tip didn’t actually get pinned out, just stretched. It came out great, though, and was folded up and delivered to the person who requested it, who will hopefully present it in a day or two to his lovely and charming wife of 13 years.

And, because I *had* to shop for things to send to Julie, I picked up a few things for me, too:

The pattern is from Wendy of Wendy Knits and is for the L-Bee Socks. The black and blue yarn is Claudia Handpaint in Argyle 2; the small black skeins are Panda Cotton (because Cate* raved about it so much I *had* to try it, especially since my sweetie would really really *love* handknit socks but is sensitive to every animal fiber used in yarn); and the Regia is from a recent destash from Ravelry and will likely be socks for me, but not until after the holiday knitting is done.

* And you really should go check out the Wedding Pi shawl that Cate just finished, too! She overdyed the yarn for it and designed it herself and it’s truly spectacular!


The End, Part I

It is finished. I bound off this evening and blocked it and it’s now folded up and stashed away ready for delivery tomorrow.

I’ll post pictures tomorrow; I have to go to bed now so that I can work a 6-8 a.m. volunteer shift at Herberger’s Community Day in the morning! If you’re looking to get a head start on your holiday shopping, check out your local Herbergers/Boston Store/Younkers/Carson Pirie Scott and get a coupon booklet for the sale tomorrow. The money from the sale of the coupon book goes to support local charities and you save money on your holiday shopping!

Making up for lost time..


We took a drive today that gave me 4 hours in the car each way, so I was able to knock through a dozen rows on the shawl (it would have been more, but it was too dark to knit on the return trip), leaving only 14 remaining. I’m essentially a full day ahead, which is good as I’m not sure what this week will bring for knitting time. However, I’m hopeful to be finished with the shawl by Wednesday evening, leaving me Thursday evening to block it. It’s due to be delivered Saturday, so that should work out just about perfect.

Up next: Finishing the Charade socks and starting the DNA scarf, plus working on a holiday sweater.


I haven’t been knitting as much as I pr’bly should have this week. The shawl is 75% finished, but I’d hoped to be closer to 90% finished by today. I’ll knit some on it this afternoon and evening, and it will still be finished in time, so I’m not really that worried about it. I just.. didn’t feel like knitting much during the evenings this week and I drove in more often than usual because Jack was sick for several days (usually we carpool and I can knit in the car).

I have had fun acquiring bits and pieces for my Coffee Swap III pal, Jules, though. I hope she likes what I’ve picked out for her, and I hope that it all arrives in time to get it out to her in the mail on time!


Just a quick one – 57.0%, Row 188 completed. I’m half a day behind, which is as I expected I would be. I should be able to make it up tomorrow, though. Tomorrow’s goal is row 200; only 50 more rows after that!

I didn’t make it out to see Crazy Aunt Purl at the Mall of America; it was just a little bit too much to try to pack into an already fairly busy day. Given that I had to present the next morning at the conference I was attending, and then drive the 3 or so hours home, I decided I should not over-exert myself too much.

Oh, and I did get the second Charade sock through the leg during the conference. Not sure I’ll be able to work on that one at all until the shawl is done, but there’s not too much left to go!

Oh, *snap*!*

Dude! Crazy Aunt Purl will be at the Barnes & Noble at the Mall of America tomorrow night. I’ll be in the Cities for a conference. I’m thinking I might have to figure out how to make that work… Might mean I don’t make it to the orchard with Mom, though.. we’ll have to see.

(Oh, and I’m still mostly keeping up. I was a little short yesterday, but am still up in total because of the extra I did Sunday. I’ve finished row 160, which is 41.3% of the total stitches, and the second row in Chart 6. It’s unlikely I’ll stay caught up today and tomorrow, though, but then I’ll have the weekend to catch up again, so I should be about 2/3rds of the way done by Monday.)

* Yes, I’m apparently channeling Joy this morning. It’s pr’bly for the best I don’t have any meetings until after lunch..


(Pictures are clickable thumbnails; click them to load a larger version.)

.. is why I haven’t posted pictures of the Peacock Feathers Shawl. Here.. let’s try a different angle..

There you can see all the stitch markers on the needle. The pale green one is the center. There are 12 stitches between each stitch marker on either side of the center and there are six black stitch markers and five white ones on each side. That’s a 16 inch US size 4 circular needle (I had it on a longer Clover needle, but switched to my new Harmony wood needle last week because it’s pointier). there are already something like 278 stitches on the needle and I’m only 1/3rd finished. *sigh*

Even though I also have the second Charade sock started, given the deadline for the shawl, it’s likely that this little guy is going to be lonely for a few more weeks.