By day, I’m a policy analyst in higher education. One by-product of that profession is consuming a more-than-typical amount of information and news about policy initiatives and proposals at both the federal and (in some areas) state levels. I’m reviving this site to give myself a platform from which to reflect on that information, to share what I glean or deduce, and to advocate (more than 140 characters at a time) for what I believe in. Not every post will be political, I’m sure – I’m also a novice student of a wide swath of topics, ranging from medieval calligraphy to knitting and various other fiber arts to brewing and cooking, in addition to reaching science fiction/fantasy, speculative fiction, web comics, etc. – but I suspect that many will be.

My preferred pronouns are she/her/hers and I am a cisgendered white woman. I try to be cognizant of the privileges I enjoy, but also to accept correction gracefully when I’m not. I ask the same courtesy be extended by my readers to each other.

My professional writing happens here, if you’re interested. This space (PtP) is personal, though it will, by necessity, touch on issues and topics I also write on professionally, on behalf of my employer. Nothing here should be construed in any way a statement on behalf of my employer.

Proper credit must go to R.K. Milholland for the inspiration for the title of my blog, though the webcomic it’s from (New Gold Dreams) is no longer available.