Words of the Day

I subscribe to Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day emails. Not really because the words are generally new to me – I read a lot* – but more because I like words and remembering and using synonyms in place of more common words is something I appreciate. I’m always a little excited when the Word of the Day is one I don’t already know, though, so last Tuesday started with an extra little bit of fun.

November 24
henotheism  \HEN-uh-thee-iz-um\

: the worship of one god without denying the existence of other gods

I like this word both because it’s a new word for me, but also because it describes a state of being I think a lot of people may generally relate to without having a way to express.** And there’s a part of me (an eternally optimistic, pr’bly frequently naive, hopeful part***) that wonders if we just had better words (or knew the right words) to describe the idea that it’s absolutely, perfectly, completely okay to believe something as fundamental as how our world came into being and who or what, if anything, governs the broader rightness and wrongness or moral order differently from someone else and both be right. Or at least not wrong. Just.. different. In the same way that some people like bananas and some people are ambivalent and some people really wouldn’t eat one if it was the last sustenance on earth. And all of those people are still people and they still live and interact and struggle to make it through their days and are courageous in the face of their own demons. Maybe if we just knew the right words, it would .. our world would be better.

* I’m one of those people that sometimes mispronounces words because I’ve only ever read them. I’ve done it so often I’m no longer embarrassed by it when corrected.

**It does not, however, describe me.

*** The part of me that would rather not ask someone out because if I do, I may have to stop hoping the answer will be yes. (No, that’s not a joke. Yes, I did eventually ask the person out. No, they did not say yes. *shrug*)

Now Playing: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – I Wanna Be Like You

Tonight’s Dinner: Winter Squash Carbonara with Pancetta and Sage


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