Ink, part III – 72 hours later

In keeping with the trend from the first two parts, 72 hours later, or as of last night:


As usual, clickable thumbnail.

The shininess is from A&D ointment. At the suggestion of my artist, new ink gets covered with A&D for the first three days or so to help healing. Now that I’m into the fourth day, I’ve switched to plain (e.g., unscented, etc.; I used a Lubriderm variety because my Eucerin managed to end up at work during my recent office shuffle) lotion, which is easier to apply and doesn’t leave the sheen. I can still feel the outline when I put lotion on – it’s rougher and raised slightly – but that’s normal and part of the healing. There was still some tenderness yesterday in spots, but so far today there doesn’t seem to be any left. I expect it will be fully healed in a week or so.


2 thoughts on “Ink, part III – 72 hours later

  1. […] combination of those last two paragraphs fairly succinctly summarizes why the six tattoos on my back are what they are, for what it might be worth. […]

  2. Cathy says:

    Incredible – such a dream to see.

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