So, about a month ago, I cut my hair. I’ve been meaning to take pictures of it showing how it looks when I style it, instead of the pictures I have from the night it was cut showing how the stylist styled it (though they’re pretty close) and finally remembered this morning.

Photobucket All photos are clickable thumbnails. This is the front how it’s arguably supposed to be. I tend to part it much more on the side than the stylist did, but that just means the longer side has some extra layers, which I think looks fine. I like it like this, but if I’m actually trying to work on something, it bugs me over my eye like that. I knew that it would, though, so I was very specific that the front had to be left long enough to tuck behind my ears.

Photobucket And this is the front how it usually actually looks since I really do tuck it back behind my ears more often than not. (And yes, I fixed the mascara smudge beneath my eye after I took the picture.) It’s hard to tell from the front, but it’s an assymetrical cut – it’s shorter in the back and gets longer toward the front.

Photobucket You can see it a little better from the back, though it’s pr’bly a little more mussed here then it usually looks, the the little flip on the left is from where it’s tucked behind my ear.

I still like it a lot. I think I’d like it a little shorter in the back, with a more extreme angle to the length in the front, but at this point, I may as well wait another two weeks to go in anyway since I think 6-8 weeks is sort of the normal maintenance time for haircuts (right?).


Yes, I donated the pony tail – it was about 12-14 inches from where she cut it off, but she ended up taking several more inches in finishing the styling.

No, I’m not traumatized. I’ve had long hair off and on throughout most of my life and while I love my hair long, I get bored with it that way. The last time I had it this short was in grad school, and before that in college (when the back of my head was actually shaved for a time).

No, it takes me more time to care for now, not less. Before it was cut, I would shower and wash it, brush it out, and let it air dry. Now there’s a blow dryer and something called “root volumizer” involved. It takes about 2 minutes, so I don’t mind, but it doesn’t have the volume I like if I just wash it an go.

Yes, I can still pull it back in a barrette to get it out of my face if I want to.


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