f(un with fiber)

A couple weekends ago, I used the lure of a Gaelic Storm concert to get Liz to come down for the weekend to play with a variety of fiber-related things. The lure was originally supposed to net Carol and a few other as well, but a combination of various illnesses and nasty weather thwarted their being trapped as well. All the same, Liz and I had quite a full weekend and managed to get our hands into quite a number of things.

Liz brought many fun toys with her to play with, among them a very nifty loom on which she was weaving a Navajo-style rug:

Photobucket Photobucket (All photos are clickable thumbnails.)

She also brought her spinning wheel. *grin*


Despite talking about it lots, I’d never actually sat down and tried to spin on a wheel, so she very patiently set it up and coached me as I tried my hand for the first time. The drafting is different enough from what I do when handspinning that I’ll need to spend a bit more time getting used to it before I’ll know enough to feel comfortable evaluating potential wheels for my own eventual purpose. All the same, it was really great to have someone so  patient to sit with me (and laugh with me) as I tried it for the first time!

We also played around with dyeing – some Kool-Aid dyeing on roving, as well as my first ever attempts at essentially kettle-dyeing, during which we learned that I should not try to dye things in my washing machine. More on all that later, though!


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