Silence is golden, right? *smile*

I haven’t had an overwhelming urge to knit for several months. So, I haven’t. *shrug* There’s some headspace stuff going on, but not really directly related to knitting (or at least not mostly), so while I’ve not felt the urge, I’ve decided not to push it. I have fits and starts, here and there, and I think for now I’m settling back into a routine that will create space for more creativity, but for now fits and starts is good enough.

One such fit was a desire a couple months ago to have something upon which to put cups and glasses that would protect the lovely wood tables dad made me for the living room. I couldn’t find any coasters that really grabbed me, so I decided to make some. I had some worsted-weight wool in colors that would go well enough with the new color scheme in the living room, and decided to try the ball band dishcloth pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting.

Photobucket (All photos are clickable thumbnails.)

It was a fun little pattern and I think I knit until I ran out of one color of the wool or the other, but I no longer really remember. I’m pretty sure the lighter color is some of the wool I dyed with my friend Carol with cochineal. Once it was all knit up, I threw it in the washer for a few cycles to felt it:


And then (much to my mother’s horror – she was sure it would all come apart) cut it up into coaster-sized pieces:


They are, quite honestly, perfect. The colors match, they’re thick enough to keep water from sweating glasses off the tables, and they’re even enough to keep a glass upright securely. I thought about lining the bottoms with leather or some such to keep them from slipping, but I don’t think it’s really necessary.


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