So simple and so beautiful. Go read; I’ll wait. *smile*

No, really. Go.

Deceptively powerful in it’s simplicity.

As I watched the first flakes of snow fall around me on my walk from the parking lot this morning, remembering several conversations from the last couple of days that prompted me to smile and remember that peace is best just accepted when it comes, without questioning. The muffled silence of an early January snowfall, blanketing a still sleepy campus seemed a good time to reflect for a moment on that.

When I  met a colleague coming in with a typically-Midwestern grumble about “another beautiful day”, I agreed with enthusiasm. It is beautiful. And now, watching the tiny flakes dance in the slight breeze outside my office window, looking down to see a few students bundled against the cold with warm mittens and scarves, it even seems possible, as Cara describes so much more eloquently than I could, to change the world one stitch at a time.


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