It’s all over but the seaming.

Right then.. so, for reasons recently explained, my knitterly ambition has been somewhat scarce this year. All the same, I’ve been working on a blue v-neck cabled sweater intermittently for the last several months and last night I finished the last bit of knitting:

Photobucket (As usual, clickable thumbnails. The flash in my camera tends to over-expose things, and I pr’bly corrected a smidge too much in this one; the next one is more color accurate on my monitor.)

Jali thought that it was just fine that way:


..but it still needs side and underarm seams, and to have the ends woven in, both of which I’ll pr’bly do tonight. This was my first foray into saddle shoulders and while it was a bit of a surprise not to be done with the sleeves when I thought I should be, I like how they turned out:


(Sorry for the blurriness of that one.) I also am pleased with the neck, which I was afraid was going to end up *way* too large.

Unfortunately, the Coriolis socks have languished while I worked on the sweater, partially because I’m afraid they’re going to be too big, even though I’m getting spot on stitch and row gauge (which makes me think I was too generous in my measurements).


These are for mom, though, and she knows about them (and that they’ll be late) so I’ll have her try them on tomorrow night to see how they’re fitting. I haven’t wanted to keep working on them if they’re just going to get ripped out, so the sweater was a good diversion.


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