Return of the light

It’s been a hard, dark year for many, myself included. I’ve not posted about much (any?) of it here, but as the initial court filing either happened Friday or will happen today, making it public for any who might care to look, it’s time. In early summer, J and I decided to separate; he moved out in August and we decided to divorce somewhere in between. I won’t go into any more detail here, other than to say that the increasing darkness from the summer solstice to now has been for me more than the noticeable shortening of daylight hours.

We seem, as a species, to have an amazingly phoenix-like ability to rise from the ashes, to rebuild from the rubble and reshape ourselves from the raw clay of our very beings, stubbornly believing that there’s a silver lining even in swirling storm clouds of a hurricane. So, over the next few weeks in honor of the longest night, I’ll charge a glass (or two) and drink a toast to the return of the light. And like the gradual lengthening of days, I suspect it will happen slowly and at times without my noticing, but all the same, it will happen.


2 thoughts on “Return of the light

  1. Petranella says:

    My sympathies on your loss. Though I really don’t know you, I’ve always seen you as a strong person and this posting confirms it. May the light return for you with all possible speed.

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