*sniff* My house is getting all grown up..

The holiday this week seemed a good excuse to take some time off and work on some more stuff around the house before Old Man Winter really got into his stride. Mom and Dad came down Sunday afternoon and spent the week, so we got quite a lot done. In keeping with the theme, I’m extraordinarily thankful that my parents are both so skilled and talented, but even more thankful that they’re both young enough for me to enjoy their company as an adult. In addition to being a rather productive week, it was also quite a fun vacation. The productive, however, is all I remembered to get photos of. *smile*

The red wall down the stairs is now a deep cranberry red with no light spots.

(As usual, all photos are clickable thumbnails; click them to load larger versions.)

The chairs are now covered in a lovely stripe-y red fabric, and the futon  has a complementary red cover.

The two chairs – which were originally my grandma and grandpa’s chairs – are in rather dire need of refinishing: the varnish has gotten slumpy and tends to get sticky when it’s humid. Dad took the taller of the two (the one closer to the stairs in the photo above) home with him to strip down and re-finish and I expect sometime in the next month or two he’ll return it and pick up the other.

The upstairs hallway is freshly painted a light golden yellow. This now officially makes the craft room the last thing that needs to be done in the upstairs.

I also have four new side tables that dad built for me for Christmas (delivered a bit early) – three identical ones in the living room:

and one taller one that fits perfectly in the gap above the stairs in the upstairs hall:

They all have bottom shelves – handy for storing things like phone books and the cable modem and wireless router – and drawers – handy for storing things like my knitting notions, matches for the candles, and spare lightbulbs.

My birthday present was also delivered a few weeks early – a lovely roll top desk with lots of cubby holes and drawers – including two file drawers – that looks wonderful in my living room (and significantly classier than the cheap black desk that I was using).

The screens that were on the shelf in the garage, along with all the cardboard and two large bags of garbage (one containing mostly big chunks of styrofoam*), were removed. The tent, poles and tarps all fit quite nicely on the shelf and the lawn mower and my pottery wheel fit underneath it. The extension ladder is hung on the wall, and my bike is hung from the roof behind the door. My car is currently parked in my garage (*squee!*). I also have a working garage door opener remote.

The screens from the garage were joined by the screens from the basement, two more large bags of garbage (one containing mostly big chunks of styrofoam*), and several more big bundles of cardboard, all of which were delivered to the county dump Wednesday morning. The basement is organized and all the tools, remodeling stuff and camping stuff have homes that will keep them safe from any further incursions of water into the basement. All the tools are in toolboxes, and the toolboxes have been sorted somewhat so that general use tools (screwdrivers, tape measures, hammers, etc.) are in one, plumbing-type tools are in another, etc.

The workbench is now on the west wall next to the old cabinet that was there, making the storage space under the stairs a handy place to keep the shop vac.

The camping stuff is on the table in the southeast corner, including the box of camp kitchen stuff that was next to the fridge upstairs. The original solid wood doors are now stored against the wall under the stairs, propped up on a couple pieces of 2×4 to keep them clear of any water.

I also managed to get some knitting done, but I think that will get saved for a separate post since this one is already quite long! I hope you all had a joyous and safe Thanksgiving!

* Garbage removal is paid for here by requiring all curbside garbage to be in garbage bags supplied and stamped by the garbage removal company. The bags aren’t horribly expensive – $14.50 for 10 – but I don’t like having to use essentially one whole bag to throw out the packing material from some appliance (I think the styrofoam in the garage was from the lawn mower and the stryofoam in the basement was from the dehumidifier), so I tend to just stick it away somewhere until we do a run to the dump when I can stuff it in a regular garbage bag and drop it off with a bunch of other stuff for what amounts to less than $1.45 per bag. *shrug*


2 thoughts on “*sniff* My house is getting all grown up..

  1. elinorloewen says:

    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. […] I decided to make some. I had some worsted-weight wool in colors that would go well enough with the new color scheme in the living room, and decided to try the ball band dishcloth pattern from Mason Dixon […]

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