Open letter re: Choice.

Right. Yes, I know what day it is. Yes, I’ve already voted. No, it’s none of your business who or how I voted, though many of you can pr’bly make reasonable educated guesses.

Now, please, stop with the repeated exhortations, demands, orders, threats, etc. that everyone seems to think are appropriate to get other people to vote. Yes, remind people you think might not remember, post it to your blog or email your friends. Remind them that today is election day, talk about how much of a rare privilege it is for every day citizens to be able to participate in the election of their leaders, remind about the struggles to secure that right.

And then, respect them as individuals and respect their choices. It’s none of your business whether or not they choose to exercise their suffrage rights.

Think of this like the abortion debate if it helps – voting is a right, or a privilege, and not compulsory; it’s a *choice*, a decision, and for many people it’s a very personal and complex one. We all not only have the choice of whom to vote for, but also whether or not to vote at all. Just because *you* choose to exercise that right or privilege does not give you some moral authority over others who choose otherwise. Just because you may think it’s morally reprehensible not to vote does not mean you get to impose your beliefs on others. As fervently as I believe that each of us should have control over the choices we make regarding our respective bodies, I believe that each and every one of us gets to have control over our respective suffrage rights and no one has to justify to anyone else whether or not they choose to vote.


One thought on “Open letter re: Choice.

  1. Tina says:

    Why do people think it is okay to ask who you voted for? That bugs the crap out of me. We had some kid on our doorstep Saturday morning to see if we had voted early and who we had voted for. I told him that we would vote on election day and that he didn’t need to know who I was going to vote for.

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