What a weekend!

Whew! *grin* Mom and dad were here this weekend. (All photos in this post are clickable thumbnails.)

What used to be the den is now the guest bedroom and a most lovely and delightful shade of blue.

Painting finished, but clean-up still in progress.


I *love* it.. it’s so immediately peaceful to walk into that room now it’s a little astonishing. The closet in that room has been cleaned out and the various and random detritus that was in it now either has homes or will shortly. The air conditioner is out of the window and stashed safely in said closet. This room still needs a chair and some stuff for the walls, but otherwise, it’s “finished”.

What used to be the guest bedroom/craft room is now just a craft room and has been sorted and organized. It still needs work to be functional, but it’s decidedly closer to it than it has been for quite some time.

This is going to be the hardest upstairs room to finish up, mostly because it’s in the worst shape – the walls were never properly primed (in the whole house), so the paint has bubbled and chipped over time; previous owners apparently decided that simply painting over the bubbles and chips were best, so there’s quite a bit of clean up.

It’s hard to see in these pictures, at least on my laptop, but it’s quite a mess.

Additionally, we suspect that at some point the roof leaked and caused a fair amount of water damage to the ceiling in that room (and also to the floor because there’s a piece of the hardwood floor that was cut out and “repaired” with a plain board). When they “repaired” the ceiling, they nailed up plasterboard, but didn’t do a good job of spackling the seams, so it’s a lumpy, ugly mess.

But, on to what we did this weekend instead of dwelling on what still needs to be done!

Last night, the wall running down the stairs looked like this..

Yes, it was a light mauve.

But it’s now a most delicious dark cranberry red. *grin*

(The mauve was the primer, which I’d actually have preferred were darker to begin with because it was far too light to really be *that* much of an improvement over the white.) I could not be happier with how it turned out, though – I’ve wanted a red wall like that in my  house for a very long time, but was worried that it would immediately shrink any room, so using it as the accent color down the stairs is perfect, especially as it complements the stair runner we put in some time ago quite well. The red was a pain – going from a white wall to red is notoriously difficult – and it *might* need a third coat, but as the second coat is still drying and I need my (taller, longer armed) father to do the top of the wall above the window, it’s good enough for now (unless, of course, you take a full flash photograph of it).

I also love that standing at the top of the stairs, the room colors flow very well – the sagey green in the bedroom to the lavender in the bathroom to the blue in the guest bedroom.

Similarly, standing at the bathroom door, the sagey green from the bedroom flows very well to the red of the stair way wall.

Hard to see the bedroom color in this picture because the door is in the way.. sorry!

And speaking of the bedroom, in clearing out the used-to-be-den to prep for painting, I put the small dresser that was in there in the bedroom underneath the prints. I’ve decided I like it so much, it’s staying there!

Sorry for the flashback on the semi-gloss paint!

My desk has moved down stairs into the living room (by rights this happened last week sometime) and the Bowflex has been disassembled and is stored in the basement until I can find someone who wants to buy it or a charity to whom it could be donated (preferably after the first of the year if the latter). The hutch that used to sit behind the television is on it’s way north with mom and dad because they have a Goodwill that will still take furniture. My desk is in the far corner where the Bowflex used to be, so that while sitting at it, I can see out the large front window and if I turn, can see out the side window into the neighbor’s backyard. The view from both is blowing snow at the moment, but I’m trying not to dwell on that. *smile*

My fridge and freezer are also now well stocked for winter. Dad brought me Firesides from Pine Tree Apple Orchard (and apple donuts, but we ate all those while they were here). Mom made cream of wild rice soup for lunch yesterday and left me with four healthy(?!) servings individually frozen. We made up the ham that was in the freezer for dinner last night, with a big batch of cheesy potatoes, so I have ham in 1-2 serving packages, some suitable for sandwiches, some thicker that are suitable for frying for breakfast, and some diced/cubed suitable for throwing in soups and stews *and* 6 or 8 individually wrapped servings of cheesy potatoes. Mom also gave me her recipe for ham and bean soup, and we started a batch this morning (well, last night really since we soaked the beans overnight) with the ham bone from dinner and another ham bone I had in the freezer. It smells delicious and once I fry up some bacon to throw into it and season it a bit, I’m sure it will be a very satisfying dinner. The leftovers – of which there will be many – will get frozen for enjoyment on some of the many truly snowy days to come.


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