Cows go “moo”..?

From Very Short List:

Ask any 2-year-old: Cows go “Moo!”; pigs go “Oink!”; sheep go “Baaah!”; and so forth — except, of course, when they don’t. Colombian cows “maa.” And, according to Bzzzpeek — which just might be the cutest website we’ve seen this year — Korean pigs say “No!” over and over again.

The site is a collection of animal sounds made by very short people from around the globe. Hear what frogs sound like to Hungarians. (Apparently, Hungarian frogs carry submachine guns.) Hear the world’s spookiest owls. (Japanese owls are especially spooky.) Then move on to the vehicles — cop cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and trains. Best of all, you can submit sound files of your own, and hear your sons and daughters making asses of themselves on the world stage.

A real update may be impending.. that time of year and all..


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