Ink, Part II – 72 hours later

And, as with last time, 72 hours after inking (clickable thumbnail.. apologies for the errant hair).

This one also shows a little better how much the ink fades as it heals; you can see the spot that was touched up in the full moon (the shading in the bar to the top right of the pentacle) because it’s still so much darker than the rest. Eventually, it will all fade out evenly and you won’t be able to tell that the full was done first. I’m told that some colors will fade with time much faster than others – reds are apparently fairly notorious, especially in skin that get exposed to sunlight frequently – but that the black stands up to time the best.

A number of people, after seeing either the full moon or the other four the day after they were completed commented on how good they looked and how they didn’t look brand new. This may be in part due to my healing ability, but I doubt it. 🙂 I’d credit it more to the skill of the artist; I had an extraordinarily good artist – he works confidently and efficiently – and I’m pretty sure that all four of the partial moons were completed in about or a little over an hour. I can’t speak to any other artist, but I do believe that a good artist can do a lot to keep trauma to the skin, and thereby swelling and pain, to a minimum. It will still hurt – the four are still somewhat tender to rough touch, but are also now starting to itch as they heal – but a good artist will take care of your skin as they work and make sure you know how to care for it once you leave. That being said, everyone’s body will react differently, so your mileage may vary.

I’ve also had more than one person comment on the size of these in a “I could never do that” way. If we’d try to do all five in one sitting, I’d have agreed – the first one was hardest, but only because I wasn’t sure what to expect. The other four still hurt, but I was much calmer, so it wasn’t as scary and I think that for a lot of people getting a first tattoo, it’s the fear more than the actual pain that freaks them out. If you’re contemplating a larger or multi-piece tattoo and you’ve never had one, I would strongly advise you to find a good, reputable artist and pick one element that can stand alone to do first. That way, you get the unknown taken care of and still have a piece that won’t look incomplete if you decide you don’t want to get the rest.

As for me.. *smile* Watch this space in a few months for the next installment.


3 thoughts on “Ink, Part II – 72 hours later

  1. eithni says:

    Very nice!

  2. Ghislaine says:

    I came here after reading your comment on the Yarn Harlot’s blog about blocking your Peacock Feather shawl – very nice, by the way.

    I just had to come see your recent posts and I have to say I am totally awed by those tattoos!

  3. meehesh says:

    Those look amazing! I hope the itching goes down soon. Thanks for the pictures!


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