In keeping with the theme..

.. started earlier this summer, I spent my holiday weekend once again painting, this time in the bedroom.

Before painting (all pictures are clickable thumbnails):

You may or may not have noticed that the walls in the room were actually two colors – not in an accent wall kind of way, but in a two walls are pale aqua and two walls are yellowish white kind of way. The ceiling is, of course, different from both former wall colors (the second picture shows all three the best), but fortunately it’s white so I opted not to paint it. I did, however, decide that it needed to be primed:

I loved that they tinted the primer to match the paint – it really made it a lot easier, especially because you could tell that a single coat of the paint wouldn’t have covered the lighter paint underneath – as you can see if you look closely at the primed walls. I still ended up doing two coats of paint because I must not have mixed as thoroughly as I should have at some point and the brushwork was noticeably different from the stuff done with the roller. In the end, though, it looks pretty good:

I still need to go back and do some touch up in spots where the tape pulled a little bit of the paint away, as well as some spots on the ceiling that I didn’t notice got smudged, but that is pretty quick work once I get around to it.

The reason for painting *right now* arrived today:


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