From this..

(Clickable thumbnails, as always.)

..to this:

..to this:

And finally.. this:

Apologies for how blurry this one is..

I couldn’t match the original stain – partially because it’s a color that appears to no longer be made, but also because the original trim is no longer uniform, as you can see by looking at the right trim board. At some point, I will likely strip the original trim down to bare wood and stain it to match the top piece and doors – both of which are new wood – but for now, it’s at least no more mismatched than much of the rest of the house. *shrug*

Sometime tonight or tomorrow, I’ll patch the couple small chunks of wall that didn’t get covered (there’s a small one where you can see the grey of the original wall above the original door and another toward the bottom of the right side) with drywall compound so I can sand it and have it ready to paint Saturday. Everything I’ve read about painting walls read tells me that I need to first do a coat of dark primer, followed by at least two coats of paint and that I must wait at least 24 hours between coats. I’m not quite sure I trust that, but if it’s actually what’s needed, I at least have the long weekend in which to get it finished.


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