Victory is mine!

One of the reasons I fell in love with my house when we bought it is that it has hardwood floors throughout most of the rooms. Even though the upstairs bedrooms had carpeting pieced in and nailed down, we knew that the original floors were under the carpeting. The carpet in what’s now the master bedroom got ripped out before we even moved in – it didn’t even cover the whole floor and looked yucky, so it went. The carpet in the two smaller bedrooms, though, has stayed.

I was disheartened a few weeks ago to learn that the maroonish carpet in the guest bedroom is covering, at least in one spot in what is now the shelved half of the closet space, a place where someone at some point cut a rectangle of floor out and replaced it with plywood. I’m hoping that’s the only spot in that room where they did it because at some point I want to cut the carpet at the closet and pull it out of the rest of the room.

The discovery of the damage in the guest room made me a little nervous about ripping out the carpet in the den – we’ve found some pretty amazingly messed up “home repair” in this house, so it’s always a bit of a surprise when we uncover something new – but it seems the carpet in the den was just for comfort and not to cover some abomination:

(Clickable thumbnails, as usual.)

Don’t mind the bit of mess on the floor – I’d swept but not yet mopped when I took it; I assure you it’s much cleaner now! There is a bit of damage to the floor boards from what appears to have been a bed that sat in the same spot for quite some time:

But.. all things considered, I’m extraordinarily pleased to find the floor mostly intact – or at least as intact as the flooring in the rest of the upstairs!


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