Just dipping a toe in..

Things I’ve done since returning from a week’s vacation in Colorado*:

1. Attended my 15-year high school class reunion. Remembered that sometimes just having been in the same place at the same time, even for an extended period of time, doesn’t mean you actually have anything in common with people**.

2. Bought a Select Comfort, aka Sleep Number, bed. Technically, I did this the afternoon before the class reunion, but I figured the reunion was more likely to amuse people. Still, dropping a couple grand on a new bed and bedding still deserves a mention. I don’t have it yet – they’re s’posed to call this week to arrange a time to deliver it and set it up – but I have the bedding, which is good because this afternoon I..

3. Tried to pick out paint colors for the bedroom. Yeah, I’m sort of seriously thinking I need to coordinate the color of the *walls* in my bedroom with my bedding.. *sigh*. The new bedding is a caramel/gold with caramel or olive green sheets (depending on which set is clean at the time). I sort of think this means the wall would not look as good in the blues I’d originally been thinking for the bedroom (I’m worried they’ll be too “cool” – if I’d stayed with the forest green theme I’ve had for years it would have been okay, but not so much with the caramel and olive), and am now sort of surprisingly leaning toward a  pale pale purplish pink (*cringe*) or a pale purplish blue for three of the walls and a dark, deep burgundy for the fourth***.  I have paint samples to bring home tonight to see how they look with the bedding and the bedroom trim, but have hopes of painting *before* the new bed arrives, so a decision is sort of imminent.

4. Repotted the hugely overgrown aloe in my office. It was in serious need of being split so while I was out at Home Despot this afternoon to get paint samples, I picked up a bag of potting soil and split the aloe into six sections, five of which I had pots for. The sixth had grown almost horizontally due to the overcrowding of the original plant, so I pitched it rather than try to repot it.

* Yup, a week. Nope, I didn’t take a single picture. It was beautiful and exactly what I needed, though, just as a vacation should be.

** I s’pose in theory this could be said about family, too. *shrug*

*** Is there any particular “right” way to choose which wall is the accent wall? I’m sort of thinking it should be one of the two closet walls because they’re shorter..


3 thoughts on “Just dipping a toe in..

  1. Jess T says:

    It’s funny that you asked this question:

    “Is there any particular “right” way to choose which wall is the accent wall?”

    Shekty and I have been trying to decide this about our living room, too. We can’t seem to decided much beyond the fact that it shouldn’t be the longest, least interrupted wall.

    Hope you’re both doing well! And P.S. — new beds are the best.

  2. RAE says:

    on the accent wall – i think what i would do is envision what other furniture is going to be against that wall; i probably wouldn’t put (eg) a dark wood dresser against a dark painted wall, but go for something with more contrast.

  3. Kristin Prahl says:

    Hello, I’m Kristin. I work for Select Comfort in the Customer Service Department. I am so excited to hear about your new bed! Our customers feedback is very important to us here at Select Comfort, if you have any questions when you get your new Sleep Number bed please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-472-7185. I would also like to extend an invitation for you to visit http://www.beds.com, here you can read what other Sleep Number bed owners are saying as well as thoughts from the Select Comfort team. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Sleep Well,

    Kristin Prahl
    Select Comfort

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