Right then.. this post is mostly for my mother, who wanted to see pictures of the progress on the new closets in the bedrooms.

This is the main bedroom new closet:

(All pictures are clickable thumbnails.)

The doors still need to be stained, but I did the top trim board this morning. The stain is a smidge darker than the original varnish (and the trim board on the right is considerably lighter than the rest for some reason – will eventually have to strip it down and stain it to match), but I think once it’s dry and has a coat of poly on it, it will be close enough. The doors might get done this week, but more likely they’ll wait until later in August when I have another free weekend.

The guest bedroom closet, I have to admit, is sort of my favorite. Maybe because it makes that room really a bedroom now:


Not the greatest pictures – it’s a small room and we still need to figure out what to do with the bed and desk that were in there because we gave up some floor space to create the closet – and the trim wasn’t fully finished yet when I took them, but at the moment they’re the only ones I have with the doors on. Previously there was a truly horrid clearly slapped together for the sole purpose of being able to sell the house as a 3-bedroom box that was supposed to be a closet; it’s gone now:

Dad did the work to frame the closet and trim the wall out, but I still need to stain it all. He used reclaimed trim from the house – some from the bathroom (the uprights), which he had to sand down to remove all the nasty, icky, yucky green paint, and some from the other bedroom closet.

He also framed in a wall behind the center support – which we turned into a small bookshelf and is the perfect size for trade paperbacks:

And finally, I started staining the closet doors for this one last night:

I’m working on filling some gouges in the recovered trim, but hope to sand and get that trim stained this weekend so that at least the guest bedroom is finished. Except for the fact that we need to paint now since they apparently painted the room *after* putting in the excuse for a closet.. *sigh*

* Yes, that would be a home for my stash.. Exciting, no?!


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