Peas and Carrots

I just spent a half hour while working out trying to sing the alphabet to Mary Had a Little Lamb. First in English, then in German. (Try it.. it’s harder than it sounds.)

Sociological Images was on a sex (as opposed to gender-roles) kick (may not be work-safe) last week. I’m still trying to figure out what I think about most of that.

In other news, you may be amazed that there’s progress on a knitting project:

The scary thing.. that’s not even one full skein of yarn. I took this picture yesterday morning before running out the door to work and then knit through Casino Royale (yes, the new one) last night. So there’s about another inch or so completed but not pictured, most of which was done before I attached the second skein of yarn. (Plymouth Galway, for those interested; pretty sure this is the Cobalt colorway, and yes, it really is that electric blue.) I have the pattern memorized – it’s actually very easy and mostly mindless – which makes it decent movie knitting. Which is good given the timeline I have in which to finish it.


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