Monday afternoon quarterbacking

This will be another post with lots of linkage and likely some half-thought through commentary.. *but*! coming soon will be actual knitting content!

In addition to scanning daily headlines and blogs, I also receive the weekly update from the Brookings Institute. Most of the time I scan it and delete as I rarely have time or inclination to get worked up about whatever latest foreign policy issue they’re dissecting this week, but this morning, a panel discussion on the role of the courts in making social policy caught my attention. When you first click through from the email, you get to a summary page with just the start of the panel discussion, and I was interested, so I clicked through further to get to the full transcript. And was immediately struck by the fact that of the dozen panelists (or rather 11 panelists plus one moderator), only two were women and all appear* to be Caucasian. Not terribly surprising, but still disappointing. There’s something more in there about the disconnect between those making/enforcing.debating policy and those living under it, but I’m not sure I can pull it apart right now.

Ugh. “I don’t usually duck an issue.” (via Bitch PhD) Um.. much.

I’ve seen the Pamper’s commercials promoting their apparently new program for contributing to childhood vaccinations “babies in need” – which are all coincidentally, predominantly babies of color with mothers in traditionally ethnic clothing – when you buy their products and had a very cynical reaction, but hadn’t been able to focus enough to write it out, so instead, you get the link to Sociological Images where they say what I was thinking quite well for the most part. I’d pr’bly add though that there are quite a number of babies in need right here in our own country, especially with the recent restrictions in SCHIP funding, but we seem to have some sort of puritanical mental block when it comes to helping our own.

And picking up a couple links that would have gone very well with this post, Sociological Images discusses the Illustrated BMI, which I believe originated with the folks at Shapely Prose (link found from this post, which is also interesting in how it tries to figure out why some states are more fat than others). Similarly, this one on worshiping your corporeal temple fits the theme I was trying to strike.

* Please note the “appear to be” – I don’t know any of the panelists racial or ethnic identity for certain and it’s possible that at least one of the panelists is a person of color.


One thought on “Monday afternoon quarterbacking

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