Yea! Random Wednesday!

Pandora has been shoving Dave Potts at me lately. I rather like his stuff. Might have to break down and buy a CD.. course that would have been good to decide *before* placing a CDBaby order this afternoon (for Molinos, from the Paperboys).

Stephanie gives me yet another connection between the moon and silver. One might think there really was something mystical or cosmic behind my affinity for both..

Dad’s in town again the next couple days to finish the upstairs closet. While he’s here I might also wrangle him into showing me how to best strip the wallpaper in the kitchen.. or possibly putting the closet we want in the other bedroom (there’s no demolition portion for that one – just need to frame and hang the doors), so we can rip out the fake, ugly, utterly useless excuse for a closet someone installed in that room in order to be able to sell the house as a 3-bedroom. Both need to be done, but I’ve been feeling the urge to paint lately (and have a three day weekend coming up), so I might be leaning toward the kitchen (though we could also finish stripping the woodwork in the dining room and paint in there..), except that all the woodwork still needs stripping in the kitchen, too.

I have proof I’ve been spinning lately, too, but I forgot the camera at home this morning, so you’ll have to wait for it.


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