Random art..

For reasons that will remain unknown, I found myself searching for images this morning and came across one of a painting by Pino that struck me in all kinds of “want that” ways.. Rather than hotlink the Kingsley Art Gallery‘s images, I figured I’d like to the ones that I really liked after poking around a bit more..

Mystic Dreams – I think it’s the blue in this one that really just does me in.

Restful – this one reminds me of a friend.


I think one of the reasons his work struck me was that it’s in some ways reminiscent of Jack Vettriano, whose style I love. A friend gave us The Singing Butler for our wedding because it reminded her of the story of the night Jack and I met, and it’s still one of my favorite pieces. I keep meaning to track down a framed print of Mad Dogs, too, but I think that might have to wait until I redecorate the house so I could display them both. The Road to Nowhere screams Casablanca to me.. something about the anonymity of the subjects ..


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