Confessions of a baby geek*

Sometimes all it takes is bringing two real coders** into your office to check your logic to notice the mistake yourself. *sigh*

And I s’pose while I’m at it, I should admit that the idea of “having” to learn Visio makes the little organization freak in my head go *squee!*. It might even be enough to actually move me from dreading that particularly little project into actually doing it.. just likely not this week.

* I have had the discussion on more than one occasion about whether I’m a geek or a nerd. I don’t actually often admit to being either, but there are moments where I really can’t in good conscience get away with denying there’s not at least a little baby geek in there somewhere – especially weeks when the biggest single task I’ve been working on is a series of more or less complex query strings with nested if/else statements. I keep trying to get people to elucidate the difference between a geek and a nerd, and the closest anyone’s gotten is to say that a geek just has some better social skills.  Based on that, I think I definitely qualify as a geek, not a nerd.

** I’m not a real coder. I fake it well most of the time, but I’m really really not. I know enough SQL (which I still firmly believe isn’t a real “language” the way C++ and others are) to be able to get data out if I had to write my own Select statements, even with some pr’bly more complicated joins and/or limits, but that’s mostly knowing how the data works than it is understanding the code. Nested if/else statements are pretty much second-hand by now, but only because I know the tools I use. If you gave me a text editor and told me to code in any language, I’d laugh and then start typing pig-latin.


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a baby geek*

  1. Sara says:

    I totally get what you’re saying re coding and geeking

    I’m back after two weeks away and just catching up to a plethora of things!

  2. […] I would claim, by Scott’s definition, to be neither properly a nerd nor a geek, but rather some combination of the two* – while the printed word holds value and mystique, I’m not so wed to dead-tree format that I […]

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