Oh, hey! It’s Wednesday!

I’m actually hitting random *on* Random Wednesday! How neat. *smile*

First.. linkage.. (Which reminds me that I keep forgetting to mention.. the links in the sidebar are just the fiber-related blogs I follow.. if you’re really curious, you can see the full list of blogs I scan pretty much daily here.)

  • This (thanks to Bitch PhD for the link) greatly appeals to the data geek in me as well as the totally non-news-junkie in me that really just needs a way to make sense of the flood of information and opinions about whatever is likely or unlikely or even possible come November. I hate listening to political news. Actually, I generally hate listening to most news at all, though NPR tends to at least keep me enough in the loop to not feel like a complete idiot. It’s one of those little quirks – I’ll gladly scan headlines every morning for the industry I work in and keep up on current issues relevant there, but more mainstream news just overwhelms me. There’s just a little too much information.
  • Body image is a mental spiral that plagues most women I know in one way or another. It’s ubiquitous and perpetuated by so much of the mass media that there are days I wonder how any of us manages to crawl out of bed in the morning*. And while today’s F-word post is about body image as it relates to weddings, what’s sticking in my head most at the moment is the finding about how our partners wouldn’t change anything about us and a question about why we do this to ourselves. And.. that.. didn’t sit right in my head and I had to figure out why. And I think it’s because we don’t do this to ourselves; we’re raised in a culture and a society that implicitly and explicitly screams at us on a daily basis that happiness and success are the demesne of only the very thin and beautiful. We can’t escape the filters our heads create to deal with sorting and processing the daily glut of information we have to deal with; we can become more aware of them, we can consciously decide to (try to) ignore them, but we can’t really escape them completely. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to achieve a more healthy attitude about our lives (and our bodies), just that we, collectively, would also be better trying to learn not to blame ourselves for all our neuroses about our bodies. There’s.. well, a lot more bouncing in my head about all this, but for now, that’s.. all that’s coherent that I’m willing to share here.

Second, yes, for those wondering, I am still knitting (and spinning) just.. not as much. I need to post take updated pictures of Ornette – the right sock is to about the arch and looks rather lovely – and at some point I really need to spool the tussah silk/baby camel off the spindle it’s on and ply it so I can finish the rest. I’m a bit torn on next projects.. possibly picking up Catalina, or possibly starting a hoodie for me, or .. something else entirely. *shrug*

Third.. hrm.. there was a third when I started this, but I think it got lost. Might have been that we’re under another flash flood watch tonight and tomorrow.. 1 to 4 more inches on already saturated ground. Yup.

Fourth, pondering cutting my hair.. needs at least a trim, but I might get as much as a foot taken off. Yes, I’ll try to remember to get before and after pics if I go that drastic. *smile*

* And please, lest anyone feel the need to point it out, I’m well aware of how the mass media messes with the minds of men, too.


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