“..I’ve forgotten if they’re green or they’re blue..”

And no, I’m not talking about eyes.. *smile* The farm and flat lands in the Hokah Bottoms (which would be, as far as I know, also known as the flood plain for the Root River) are quite a lovely, if somewhat shallow, lake this week. It was really quite beautiful on the drive in this morning, but also a little disconcerting to know that a week ago, all that land was a lush and vibrant green.

Generally, though, things are proceeding as they will.. the water has mostly drained from the back yard as of this morning, though the aforementioned Root River (as well as the Kickapoo and I believe the Upper Iowa) are still rising as the surrounding lands drain into them. Last I heard, sometime yesterday, the Root was expected to peak early this afternoon.. The city emergency planner guy from Houston was on MPR last night, but I’ve not heard much about Rushford (though other cities in Fillmore County have been hit), which makes me want to hope they’ve been spared this time.

In an odd bit of reversal, it appears that Lake Delton in the Dells is.. gone. Hard not to think about that whole balance idea..

I’m mostly hoping it will dry out enough for me to take advantage of some of Norma‘s Garden Tips this weekend.. or maybe even some evening this week. Although the idea of pulling out all the weeds and such (like the garlic that never got harvested last year because it was eaten by the jungle of tomatoes, but isn’t really okay anymore but is still growing) that have been quite happy in the garden boxes up to now is somewhat less than.. exciting. *sigh* Maybe I’ll investigate renting one of those little motorized tiller things.. mm.. gardening with power tools.. might be fun!

(Hrm.. might have to seriously think about that.. would help with getting rid of the remnants of the raspberry patch, too..)


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