Lazy Sunday..

Yesterday I got the Traveling Wilburys collection and have had them stuck in my head ever since.

I also got a new laptop and aside from still needing to figure out where the shift keys are, I like it. Graphics are very, very good.. love the extended keyboard and the widescreen.. might have to figure out Netflix on-demand stuff now.. (We finally gave in and started watching Heroes.. really didn’t want to like it (as is my tendency with really popular television shows and such), but it’s very well done and addictive as anything!)

Some time ago (December? January?) I picked up a Bluetooth headset for my phone from Woot, which phone I then promptly put through the washing machine. A couple days ago, though, I replaced it with another Bluetooth enabled phone. Of course, with gas prices what they are, I’m not driving nearly as much anymore, so I have no idea when I might actually use it, but.. *shrug* (Yes, I really do refuse to walk around with the headset on all the time.. not only do I not talk that much on the phone, headsets get caught in my hair.. and I have no desire to look like the Borg.)

It’s been raining here the last several days. Long string of successive storm fronts came through last night. Was lovely – I really like thunderstorms – even if it did mean Jali hid in the closet most of the night. And I really could have done without waking up to this:
(Clickable thumbnails, as usual) Taken from the window in the den.

Taken from the back patio.

Northeast corner of the back yard.

Along the southern fence (which, incidentally, is the fence I want to move and shorten.. )

Looks familiar, eh? Hopefully it won’t be as bad as it was then..


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