Six word memoirs..

A friend sent me this link and challenged a group of us to develop our own. I started with prior inspiration and came up with the following, all of which (except the last one for what I hope are obvious reasons) are true, but not necessarily complete:

Passed unnoticed in a crowded room.

Walked barefoot through the alkaline flats.

As a child, fearless and feared.

Left when she needed me most.

Laughed. Loved. Cried. Did it all.

Afraid of heights. Can you catch?

Born crying. Lived loving. Died laughing.

Feel free to leave yours in the comments if you’re so inclined.. it was a fun little thing to do..


One thought on “Six word memoirs..

  1. Sara says:

    Those are great! Kinda cool how profound 6 words can be.

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