Meanwhile, back at the ranch..

Whee! Destruction is fun (or so I’m told.. I missed all of it *pout*)!

First things first.. As I drove up after work last night, I found Jack and my dad (wielding a chainsaw) finishing up this:
(All photos are clickable thumbnails, as usual.)

That used to look something more like this:

.. but without the snow.. Guess I don’t have a picture of that tree/bush/overgrowntreantcreature from spring or summer.. We’ve been meaning to take it out for awhile, but it wasn’t quite on the list for this week, so it was a bit of a surprise.

Also somewhat of a surprise from last night, but not so much in the whether as the what, were these:

Window at the top of the stairs.
Upstairs bathroom window.
Window at the bottom of the stairs.

Those are essentially really big window clings. We’ve talked about getting them for awhile, especially for the bathroom window since there’s not a shade over that one, and the window at the bottom of the stairs because there was a really nasty, ugly curtain thing on a chintzy little curtain rod that would fall off you if walked by it wrong, but since I had to work I didn’t get to help pick out the pattern. When Jack called to tell me what he’d picked out (“bamboo stalk things”), I couldn’t quite picture it and was nervous, but I really like it. It looks very neat and adds some privacy that we didn’t have before in a prettier way than a blind and a less annoying way than a curtain.

We also put in a cabinet organizer bit in one of the really big and utterly pointless kitchen cabinets that we keep pots and pans in, but I didn’t get a picture of that.

Today they moved onto one of the things that was actually on the docket for this week (the other being the fence in the backyard, which doesn’t look like it will actually get done at this point):

Yeah, that’s about what it looks like. They took out the closet wall in our bedroom. You can see in the top left of the photo where the wood door trim was; everything to the left of that was a wall this morning. Said wall made it nearly impossible to actually use most of that really big closet (it goes back almost 4 feet at the bottom). So in order to get more closet space, we decided to take out the wall and put in sliding doors.

And while they’re in there, they’re going to clean up the last of the plumbing nightmare left from the do-it-yourself-er’s that put the shower in the upstairs bathroom:

Uh, yeah.. that would be the chunk of wall that they took out to run the plumbing for the shower; the plumbing we took out last year when we took out the shower. The chunk that they then never bothered to repair, or even to block off, so that this little guy:

Could let his babies into our house. Yeah.. not very happy about that part.. the squirrels chewed through the fascia behind the gutter and have been running around *inside* the roof. This happened last year, but we didn’t know how they were getting in, just that we had a baby squirrel in the house for a few days. We figure out how they were getting in sometime this spring and are having the fascia repaired, but they had to order the board and it’s not in yet, so they’re up there again.. So dad and Jack are going to block up the wall and cover the hole so they at least can’t get in the house again before they fix the fascia.

That’s all for tonight! I need to go clear the dust off my bed so I’m not washing it out of my hair in the morning..


One thought on “Meanwhile, back at the ranch..

  1. […] in town again the next couple days to finish the upstairs closet. While he’s here I might also wrangle him into showing me how to best strip the wallpaper in […]

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