It’s not Wednesday yet, is it?

I have a love/hate relationship with this week. I love that the semester is finally over, that things are actually *slow* (or what counts for it around here), that campus is nearly deserted and very quiet. I hate that I lose just about all motivation to do anything in my office (there’s some twisted logic in there related to finally feeling like I don’t have to be running all the time, so I just want to stop altogether or something), that once I clean up the few things of interest all that’s left are the things that got put off because I needed more than two minutes in a row to figure them out, that I can’t really stop running because I’ll be out again all next week at a conference.

This year I also hate that my dad and Jack are ripping out a wall in our house and I don’t get to help. I mean.. remodeling sucks, really, I get that.. but they’re doing the fun part today and all I’ll get to see is the rubble and the dust once it’s done. (We’re making the (actually rather large) closet in our bedroom more accessible; it’s currently accessed by a standard door, but runs the length of the wall (10 feet?) so we’re ripping out the wall and putting in sliding doors and a shelving system to make it a real, functional closet.)

Even Celtic Stompgrass on Pandora is not helping much today, largely because it seems that they don’t really have all that much that fits that description in their catalogue so I’m to the point where I’ve heard all the songs they’re coming up with several times in the last couple days. Don’t get me wrong, I still like them (most of them anyway), but I want to find more new stuff. (And I’m really trying not to be too upset that I’ll miss the Paperboys by a little over a week..)

Life’s been.. interesting lately, but most of it is not really suitable for here, so you’ll have to take my word for it. *shrug*


One thought on “It’s not Wednesday yet, is it?

  1. Sara says:

    have fun at AIR – nope, I’m not going this year – too much other travel.

    I totally get your slow down to nil thing this time of year.

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