Random Wednesday.

Massages, particularly massages before chiropractic adjustments, are some sort of magic. I love my massage therapist (Renee). I love that she’s not afraid to try new things, or to use a little more pressure on the tough spots. I love that my back starts to relax from the moment I first feel her hands.

It’s staying lighter longer these days (funny how that always happens around this time of year.. someone should investigate that.. *smile*) and that is most definitely good and welcome. Now if it would just. stop. snowing.

The blue jean yarn is still mostly yarn, but after finishing most of what I thought might be a complete fingerless glove I realized that there was no way the recipient would be able to get her hand through the cuff, so I ripped it back and started again, this time holding the yarn doubled. It’s a bit stiffer, but still stretchy and I think it will work this time. Not sure when I’ll motivate enough to take pictures.

My older sister celebrated her 9th birth day last week. She had a good day, and that makes me happy.

I wish that I could keep everything in alignment throughout the month so that every day I felt as good sitting upright as I do today. I try, but things inevitably slip and slide and end up wacky again.

The photo CD that I got at Christmas of all the photos of my niblings over the last year works on my computer. It didn’t on mom’s or on my sister’s, and she’d already deleted the originals. So I’m happy it works on mine and need to figure out how to copy it for mom and my sister.

I think we’re knocking out the wall between two of the three upstairs bedrooms.

My dad made me 9 really beautiful drop spindles from a variety of hardwoods. Again, I’ll try to remember to take pictures soon. They are of varying weights and some of them will be divine for the silk I have where others will by ideal for plying.


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