Blue Jean Kool Aid

A week or so ago, I was wearing my fingerless gloves in my office and a friend and colleague expressed an interest in a pair of her own. Since she requested that they match blue jeans – which she wears almost exclusively – and I didn’t have any suitable blue yarn to hand, I decided to try my hand at getting the color I wanted with Kool Aid.

I had most of a skein of Jagger yarn left over from the largesse stocking project from about a year ago and decided that was about the right weight and would likely take up the dye well:

(As usual, all pictures are clickable thumbnails)

I skeined the yarn with my niddy-noddy and started it soaking in some hot water and got a pot starting to boil on the stove. I wanted to pre-mix the color rather than just dump the packets into the boiling water and hope it worked, so I started with 4 packets of Berry Blue in a pint glass of hot water. And quickly decided that it was a bit too.. vibrant. So I added in a couple packets of Grape to darken it up a bit. I dipped a snippet of of spare yarn in it to make sure it was about the right color, but forgot to pre-soak the snippet, so it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. But I determined that I was generally in the right ballpark.

Once the water in the pot boiled, I turned off the heat, added the dye mix to the water and then dunked the pre-soaked skein.

After about 45 minutes, the dye appears to be exhausted..

.. though somewhat spotty. A quick rinse confirmed that the dye had not been taken up evenly.

Since blue jeans are often various shades of blue, however, I decided it was fine and would pr’bly look really neat once knit up. I hung it up to dry overnight..

..and voila! In the morning I had yarn that is perfect for the recipient!


2 thoughts on “Blue Jean Kool Aid

  1. elliesam says:

    I like it! I think that will look great!

  2. Judy G. says:

    Pretty colour! You made koolaid dyeing sound pretty easy. I may have to give it a try some time.

    Lucky recipient!

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