SLC sites?

So, I’ll be heading out to Salt Lake City next week to do some consulting (this is a new thing for me, and I’m admittedly a bit nervous and a bit excited and a bit .. yeah) and I’ve been asked by my host if there’s any particular site seeing I want to do while I’m there (I arrive mid-afternoon Sunday and will be there through early Thursday morning – early meaning my flight out is at 6 a.m.). And.. well.. I have no idea. So, does anyone have anything to recommend that is a must-see in Salt Lake City? I’ve never been and have no idea if I’ll ever be again. (And yes, while I have skiied in my past, I’m not sure there will be time this trip to do it, though I’ve already been told just how amazing it is.)

In other news, I’ve made another repeat or so of progress on the DNA scarf and passed what I’ve determined to be the midpoint (which is noticeable only in that all the cables now cross the other way; the recipient was not interested in the foot or so of ribbing in the middle so the cable pattern will go the whole length of the scarf) and I’m another inch or so (15 rows?) farther along on Catalina. I doubt I’ll get updated photos before I leave (I’m going to Kansas City before going to SLC, for a different consulting gig of a sort of different nature that I’m not as nervous about; I fly out Wednesday for that one and return Friday evening) and there will hopefully be more progress by the next time I have a chance to take pictures, so you’ll have to wait. 😛


One thought on “SLC sites?

  1. jonsquared says:

    I’ve been to SLC several times due to friends. Although my Utah skips are usually ski-oriented, I do remember walking around Temple Square many moons ago. Here’s a helpful link:


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