Just a quick update on Catalina.. I’m through the first repeat, with the handspun silk from Eilidh:

(Clickable thumbnails, as usual.)

The blue blanket wasn’t the best choice for a background, but it was convenient. The next repeat is a shade or two lighter, but it’s not quite as noticeable in person as it appears in these pictures. I’ll do a repeat in this yarn, then another in a still lighter aqua, then two repeats (which will be the center) in white before reversing and ending up again with the other skein of Eilidh’s handspun.

I have a few upcoming plane trips, so it’s possible that this will progress fairly rapidly. I want to get the DNA scarf completed by January 19, though, so maybe not. *shrug*


One thought on “Catalina

  1. Cat (Eilidh) says:

    Wow, oh wow, oh wow. I just LOVE watching this progress! My roomie made a frilly scarf for me for Chanukah this year, from my first-nice handspun (almost 11-12 years old yarn… that I gave her for Christmas last year, hee hee) that just thrills me to pieces. And now I’m spinning some merino-silk JUST so I can eventually knit with it… because of your inspiration. You’ve turned me into a wanna-be knitter! *smooches*

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