One down, one to go!

Mom – if you didn’t follow the first warning, follow this one – GO AWAY! Come back next week. Love you!

Okay, so I’m back to just two knitted holiday gifts. I got a cold this week that helped tip the balance and I’m pretty sure I’m not up to anything more pressing than finishing the two that were really originally planned.

So here’s the first – Fiber Trends felt clogs with fleece lined suede slipper bottoms.
This is just out of the washer, still a little lint covered from the sheets they got fulled with. As usual, all pictures are clickable thumbnails.
And two finished shots.

I knit just the uppers, not the soles, from the Fiber Trends pattern, which worked pretty well. They’re a little unshapen, but they should work themselves out as they’re worn the first few times. I fulled them until they were about the right length, but still ended up having to do some forced shaping around the toes to make them fit the slipper bottoms. I think I like them that way, though, because there’s a little more room around the toes than there might have been if they’d been fulled to fit exactly.

And just to make sure anyone who stumbles across this doesn’t have to go digging, these were knit with just over a skein of Paton’s Classic Merino that I dyed with Tropical Punch Kool Aid using the Fiber Trends Felt Clogs pattern. I only knit the uppers – cast on the number of stitches you’re s’posed to have once you finish the sole and worked from there – and fulled them to the right size (I think it was four 15 minute hot wash cycles on our washing machine). I used more of the dyed yarn to sew them to the fleece-lined soles (purchased from Patternworks) and overlapped the stitches a few times at the toes to help reinforce them.


One thought on “One down, one to go!

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