Project pondering..

Not that I need more projects right now, especially with the addition of a Dr. Who Scarf to my queue for my boy, but I was pondering what to do with the cashgora that I’ve been spinning

First skein, about half the total; all pictures are clickable thumbnails

A shot showing more of the color variations, especially the pinkish-purply bit

…and also pondering what to do with the cochineal-dyed handspun and roving we did a week and a half ago:

Clun Forest handspun is farthest left; SWS is middle and Paton’s Classic Merino is right

Front hangar

…and thinking that all my gloves and mittens have disappeared and I think I’m going to try to figure out a way to make something like Fetching out of the cashgora and handspun. I think the colors will blend well enough for it to work out, but I’m a little concerned that the cashgora will be thicker, especially since I might end up trying to learn to Navajo-ply it to maintain the color runs.. But then.. if that’s the case, I could also use the skein of Soy Wool Silk (center in the cochineal picture above), which might flow better for color, too. I think I’m thinking that the cashgora will be cuff-bits and the rest hand-bits, but we’ll have to see how much of the cashgora I end up with… I could also start with the darkest purple (Clun Forest handspun dyed in blue vitriol mordanted cochineal) and work through the cashgora and use the SWS or the rest of the Clun Forest roving (dyed in cream of tartar mordanted cochineal if memory serves) for the fingers.


(And while I’m pondering.. does anyone know an easy way to take all the Categories assigned to a WordPress post and make them Tags, either in addition or instead of Categories? Or should I just continue to use Categories and ignore the new Tags options?)


2 thoughts on “Project pondering..

  1. Sara says:

    lovely lovely handspun!

  2. knittymama says:

    Wow, that is just beautiful!

    I’ve been putting off the spinning because I’ve got Christmas gifts to make, but it’s hard. My poor wheel’s just sitting there, looking neglected!

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