It’s all about the presents!

I got my CoffeeSwap III package today!

Coffee Swap Received (Clickable thumbnail)

I love the yarn colors and can’t wait to try out the two patterns Julie included – Snowflake Lace Socks by Melanie Berney and Rococo Socks by Lisa Parker. The coffee and mug will get “christened” tomorrow morning and I’m sure it will be a great way to start out a vacation day! “Knit’s End” is just too funny – I was in Barnes & Noble just this afternoon and picked it up off the display, but then put it back since we were in a rush and I didn’t want to have to go through the check out. What a treat to come home and find if on my doorstep!

Thanks so much Julie!

And since I’m posting, here’s a shot of the finished Charade socks:

Charade Socks

.. and the beginning of the DNA scarf I’m knitting for a friend:

DNA Scarf First Repeat

I’m actually knitting two DNA scarves in the round so that the scarf is both thicker and reversible, which is why it looks a little off-kilter in the photo. The yarn she decided on is KnitPicks Swish DK and it’s very knitting up very soft, though it’s occasionally a little splitty on the cables.


One thought on “It’s all about the presents!

  1. Leslie says:

    Looks like an excellent swap score; congratulations!

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