Okay, why not?

Okay, so Norma posted about a contest that KitKatKnit is having and I decided that since I’m pretty sure I know what I was knitting a year ago – e.g., something for someone for a holiday gift – and that some of the things I was knitting then didn’t get a lot of “airtime” because sometimes some of the people I gift knit for lurk around the corners here, it would be fun to figure it out. And even though I’m not actually old enough to have watched Peabody and Sherman the first time around (it aired originally in the late 50s and early 60s; I remember it from the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show – which was already in reruns by the time I showed up) it’s still a fond memory from Saturday morning and after school cartoons.

So.. a year ago, I was finishing up mom’s Panobo shrug, working on Sara’s Tied Up Tee, and looking for buttons for Judy’s Breezy Cables. It was a big knitted gifts year! I was also working on the research on Clun Forest sheep for the Breed Swap run on the Spindler’s list, which reminds me that I have some really lovely samples of lots of different breeds of wool that have been woefully neglected.

At some point soon I’ll pr’bly post about some of the books I’ve read (or tried to read) lately.. but not today.


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