The End, Part II

The obligatory pre-blocking pictures:

.. and several shots while blocking:

I blocked it on a queen-sized futon which was not quite big enough, so it’s a bit crooked and one tip didn’t actually get pinned out, just stretched. It came out great, though, and was folded up and delivered to the person who requested it, who will hopefully present it in a day or two to his lovely and charming wife of 13 years.

And, because I *had* to shop for things to send to Julie, I picked up a few things for me, too:

The pattern is from Wendy of Wendy Knits and is for the L-Bee Socks. The black and blue yarn is Claudia Handpaint in Argyle 2; the small black skeins are Panda Cotton (because Cate* raved about it so much I *had* to try it, especially since my sweetie would really really *love* handknit socks but is sensitive to every animal fiber used in yarn); and the Regia is from a recent destash from Ravelry and will likely be socks for me, but not until after the holiday knitting is done.

* And you really should go check out the Wedding Pi shawl that Cate just finished, too! She overdyed the yarn for it and designed it herself and it’s truly spectacular!


3 thoughts on “The End, Part II

  1. Cathy-Cate says:

    Oh, that looks beautiful! B is going to LOVE it. The yarn and the pattern are such a perfect match.

    Thanks for the nice compliments on the shawl!

    I do indeed still like the Panda Cotton — just wouldn’t advise a lace pattern ideally. But if it’s for J, I’m guessing not lace! (Though the same goes for cables etc. as you pick out patterns. The splitty tendency isn’t much of a problem with plain knitting, but if you have to manipulate stitches a lot, it can be a bit off-putting.)

  2. Cat says:

    How’s the Catalina progressing? Spinners are dying to know! 🙂


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