I *won*!

*squee!* I won a contest over at the Coffeeswap blog for posting about trying a new kind of coffee! I’ve been somewhat lax about keeping up with the group blog because things have been a bit busy lately, but I wanted to read about all the different kinds of coffee folks were trying and then had an opportunity to try a new one myself yesterday and managed to get my submission in just under the wire. Yea!  This definitely made my Monday morning better!

And while I’m on the subject.. I have the pieces for Jules‘ package mostly all planned out (though I’m waiting to receive some of them still) with just a few more fun bits to pick up, hopefully this weekend. It’s been a fun swap to participate in and a *great* excuse for me to seek out and find a few new things for me, too!


One thought on “I *won*!

  1. […] has also requested some wool socks to wear around the house, and she picked out the yarn I won from one of the contests in the Coffee Swap, which I don’t think I ever took a picture of and posted. It’s a beautiful yarn and […]

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