Oh, *snap*!*

Dude! Crazy Aunt Purl will be at the Barnes & Noble at the Mall of America tomorrow night. I’ll be in the Cities for a conference. I’m thinking I might have to figure out how to make that work… Might mean I don’t make it to the orchard with Mom, though.. we’ll have to see.

(Oh, and I’m still mostly keeping up. I was a little short yesterday, but am still up in total because of the extra I did Sunday. I’ve finished row 160, which is 41.3% of the total stitches, and the second row in Chart 6. It’s unlikely I’ll stay caught up today and tomorrow, though, but then I’ll have the weekend to catch up again, so I should be about 2/3rds of the way done by Monday.)

* Yes, I’m apparently channeling Joy this morning. It’s pr’bly for the best I don’t have any meetings until after lunch..


One thought on “Oh, *snap*!*

  1. Sweet! And it sounds like you’re really moving through that shawl! I feel like such a slow knitter now. Oh yeah, that’s because I am!

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