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.. is why I haven’t posted pictures of the Peacock Feathers Shawl. Here.. let’s try a different angle..

There you can see all the stitch markers on the needle. The pale green one is the center. There are 12 stitches between each stitch marker on either side of the center and there are six black stitch markers and five white ones on each side. That’s a 16 inch US size 4 circular needle (I had it on a longer Clover needle, but switched to my new Harmony wood needle last week because it’s pointier). there are already something like 278 stitches on the needle and I’m only 1/3rd finished. *sigh*

Even though I also have the second Charade sock started, given the deadline for the shawl, it’s likely that this little guy is going to be lonely for a few more weeks.


2 thoughts on “This…

  1. Cathy-Cate says:

    I feel your pain! Totally.
    I’m about to increase to 288 stitches on the shawl I’m making, and it’s maybe a foot wide so far on the needles. I think progress will seem glacial when I get to 576 stitches…. I’ll have to keep reminding myself it will block out much bigger and that it will end! At least it’s not plain stockinette on 576 stitches….

  2. Yeah, lace is sort of disappointing to take pictures of, but I still love seeing the progress! And I love those new needles! I was eyeing them when the catalog came in a few weeks ago, but I’m not such a big fan of interchangeable needles. I always seem to have some sort of issue with them. Although I think I remember some DPNs in that style that I would def. have to cave in for!

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