PSA: Yarnware closing sale

From an email from owner Meredith:

I have decided to close the business to make more space in my life for my family and other creative pursuits. We have been blessed with wonderful customers. I have gotten to know many of you through your blogs, emails and in the store. I have also been blessed with a fantastic staff. It has been my privilege to do business with you and work with you. As a way of thanking you for your business and friendship, we are initiating a store closing sale. We are LIQUIDATING EVERY SINGLE ITEM of merchandise in our store.

All Patterns: 20% off
All Needles: 20% off
Addi Turbo Needles: 20% off
Lantern Moon Needles: 20% off

Every yarn in stock is marked down 20-75% off:
Eros Yarn: 30% off
Artful Yarns Cinema Yarn: 30% off
Lang Opal Yarn: 30% off
Trendsetter Sunshine Yarn: 50% off
Adriafil Stars Yarn: 50% off
Plymouth Parrot Yarn: 50% off
GGH Apart yarn 75% off

  • Our prices will be dropping about 10% a week until the end of the sale, or until we are sold out. Shop early and often!
  • Quantities of these items are limited. Orders will be processed in the order they are received. We will notify you by email before shipping your order if we have mixed dyelots, so you will have a chance to change your order before we ship.
  • All orders are Final Sale.
  • We will take orders online until Saturday Nov. 10th. Our store will be open until November 16th.
  • If you have backorders with us, we will fill them if the yarn comes in by November 16th.
  • If you know anyone who might be interested in sale yarns, patterns or needles, please feel free to forward this email to them.

Thank you for a great 8 years!

Meredith Bright

Honestly, I don’t remember ever shopping from them (I must have at some point to get on their mailing list?), but it’s still a little melancholy to see an online yarn supplier go out of business. :/ Also, just a bit of a warning – their servers must be getting hit pretty hard today as they’re taking awhile to bring the pages up.

Oh, and I’m up to 27.2% complete on the shawl (row 130 of 249).. made my goal for yesterday and am mostly there for today. We have theatre tickets to celebrate our 5th anniversary this afternoon, though, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to “work ahead” this evening, as much as I’m worried about being able to maintain this pace during the week. I tend not to try to knit complex lace like this in the car – it’s too hard to just put it down anywhere in a row and with legal-sized charts it can be too cumbersome to keep my place – but I might have to try it if I want to keep up. Wednesday and Thursday will be especially difficult as I have a conference to go to and will be spending a fair amount of time driving to the conference site (actually driving, instead of riding while Jack drives as I do during our normal commute) and hanging out with my mom and/or networking in the evenings. But Jack will be out of town Friday through Saturday sometime, so if I fall behind, hopefully I can catch up then.


One thought on “PSA: Yarnware closing sale

  1. Happy Anniversary! The peacock shawl is on my (neverending) list of pieces I’d like to work on. I can’t wait to see yours completed!

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