Right then. That’s how much of the Peacock Feathers Shawl that I have completed so far. I have 20 days left to finish it, which means I need to complete just under 4% of it each day, and that will only leave one night to block it, which is a little unrealistic, so let’s aim for 5% per day. As the shawl progresses, this will work out to fewer actual rows per day (I’m on row 109 and there are 249 rows in the shawl, each pair two stitches longer than the last pair), but still means I’m looking at needing to clock in about..

3100 stitches per day.

This is one of those times when being a statistician and a knitter is not particularly helpful. *sigh*


One thought on “19.3%

  1. Tonyia says:

    Hey, I’m just surfing the MN knitring and came across your blog. How does this sweater look on a real live person? It’s beautiful in your photos. Do you like wearing it? I always wonder how these things look on a REAL person.

    Great knitting, fun blog. Thanks!

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