Last push..

I harvested pr’bly somewhere around 45 pounds of tomatoes out of the garden again today (5 pounds of tomatoes really isn’t that many.. I discovered this when weighing out tomatoes for a recipe today) and since I wasn’t feeling terribly ambitious, decided that I would make some tomato soup with about a third of them and then just plain sauce/paste with the rest. The soup turned out really nummy, but a touch over-salted; and since it’s creamy tomato soup and I was nervous about canning something with dairy in it, it’s just been frozen for enjoyment in later in the fall and winter. The sauce/paste is pretty.. well, boring. I didn’t spice it at all and I expect we’ll use it to thicken the pasta sauce we made a few weeks ago because it’s a tad on the too-chunky-not-enough-sauce side for our usual tastes. We’ll also use it as a base for pizza sauce and possibly more soup later in the winter, too. And yes, there are still plenty of tomatoes out on the vines so we can still do some just stewed tomatoes in another couple of weeks (though those will most likely all go to the Garden Gurus(tm) since we really don’t tend to have a use for them).

While I was out there, I also checked in on the peppers. We’ve been getting some unseasonably warm weather here this last week, which looks to last at least another week, so I’m hoping we can stave off the first frost until sometime in October to give the peppers enough time to get bigger. The jalapeños are doing just fine, but the rainbow peppers are still a bit teeny and there’s still no noticeable sign of any habaneros.

But despite the weather of late, it’s almost the end of September, which means I should have already started the holiday knitting. Since I haven’t (and since at the moment I can’t because I’m waiting for yarn orders to arrive for at least two planned garments and haven’t decided exactly what another will be) I’ve decided I need to try to push to finish up some loose ends before the end of the month. That means that I plan to finish:

  • The Easy Lace Duster (I have both sleeves about 2/3rd finished, so need to finish those and then do the collar and seam it all up); and
  • The 9-to-5 socks (these will be easy; I have the heel turned on the second sock *and* a conference this week, so they’ll likely be finished sometime Tuesday at the latest)

Yeah, I know.. not much. But since my knitting mojo has been in a bit of a slump lately, I’m finding that I need to set some goals or I’m afraid the (admittedly modest and completely attainable) holiday knitting goals won’t be met. And there are a couple of project sprinkled in with the holiday knitting (the DNA scarf, another pair of socks) and will likely be a few holida-related projects added, so .. yeah.
But that means there will likely be pictures later this week.


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