Bit of a chill in the air..

We’ve had some distinctly autumnal weather this week, so it seemed homey and natural to spend today enjoying the bright sunshine through the windows while the rich scents of chopped onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes and spices wafted throughout the house.

(Pictures are clickable thumbnails; click to load bigger versions.)

The end result is 26 pints and a dozen quarts of pasta sauce – most of it with summer squash & mushrooms, though there are some jars that are missing both, and 3 quarts and 6 pints with shitake mushrooms! There’d have been a couple more pints, but we couldn’t resist frying up some Italian sausage and trying it out for lunch with some garlic crescent rolls. MMMMMmmmm! Perfect fortification for more foraging in the garden, where, arriving just a few weeks late..

..our first jalapeños! There are now quite a few out there, as well as some still very small rainbow peppers. The habañeros are flowering, but this late I’m not sure the days are long enough to give them enough sun to mature.


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