Random Tuesday.

This time of year, I’m lucky I remember my name, much less what day it is. Or will be. Or is supposed to be random.

No pictures, but I yanked about 4 gallon buckets of Big Mama tomatoes out of the garden tonight, and I didn’t even get all the ripe ones. I got all the *really* ripe ones; the rest can wait until this weekend when I’ll have time to make pasta sauce. I didn’t quite have the energy to pull any more of the Sungolds or Yellow Pears, though there are lots of those ripe at the moment, too. Maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of which.. anyone have a *really* good recipe for pasta sauce? We have lots of fresh tomatoes, some fresh Walla Walla sweet onions (though pr’bly not really enough for a large batch of sauce since we used so many in the salsa), and some fresh jalapeños. And maybe some other peppers, but the jalapeños are the only ones that are likely big enough at the moment. Except that they’re not really.. well.. I’m not sure I want *spicy* pasta sauce. *shrug*

I’m knitting in the car most days of our commute. The first 9-to-5 sock is about to start toe-decreases and I’ve got a few inches done on the sleeves of the Easy Lace Jacket. I’ll post pictures when there’s something more exciting to see.


2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday.

  1. Judy G. says:

    I admire your enthusiasm for the harvest. I am currently hoping for a hard frost before I get around to picking the apples. I love my applesauce, but hate standing in the kitchen for a whole day.

    I leave the fallen apples for the dogs. They love ’em, even if it makes them barf.

  2. Paula Ganyard says:

    Yes, I have a good recipe for pasta sauce if you are still in need of one. Let me know and I will send it along.

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