Work day..

Not really, but these *are* called the 9-to-5 socks..

(All photos are clickable thumbnails)

Just the first leg, and the picture’s a couple days old now, so I’ve actually turned the heel already. It was dark by the time we got home and had dinner though, so you’ll just have to imagine that part for now. So far, though, I really, really like this pattern. It’s easy, but also looks really amazing. In fact, when I showed the leg to the friend that will be the recipient of this pair, she exclaimed that she loved it, but that she thought was too much, too intricate for me to do as a gift for her. I assured her it wasn’t (and verified that she didn’t think it would be too much for her to wear!). I think I’ll be making another pair of these for myself at some point though, too.

And to follow up from this weekend, the first coat of paint on the porch:

What..? Did you really think we’d leave it white? *smile* It needs another coat – there are some thin spots – but it looks *enormously* better now than it did.


One thought on “Work day..

  1. Cathy-Cate says:

    The porch looks great!
    I’m envious — YOU have visible progress on your house. (I don’t.)
    Another sock pattern to put in my queue. I have a gazillion mentally; which is good, because I do have plenty of sock yarn!
    Glad the roving finally found you….

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